The Stiegl-Glas in the middle of the exhibition

The World of Beer

There are many stories to tell in the World of Beer. One is about the kiln, another about the 'beer altar', yet another about the biggest beer tower in the world. And here's another tale for you, which starts with the question: "Do you know why the beer garden looks the way it does today?"

The interactive Brandroom, with bottles in the front

At the end of the 19th century, beer still had to be cooled in cellars using blocks of ice. In winter, these blocks were painstakingly cut from the frozen pools established exclusively for this purpose. To seal the cellar properly, a thick layer of earth was placed over it, and planted with chestnut trees.

Chestnut trees have the advantage of wide roots, and provide excellent shade thanks to their huge crowns. Today you can enjoy a Stiegl beer under the chestnut trees in our beer garden.

Goldbräu bottles in the front, the interactive part in the back

To reflect the sunlight, white gravel was scattered over the floor, enabling the cellar to remain cool on sunny days. This snug little spot was perfect for sitting down together in fine weather, and the beer wasn't far away - not surprising that it soon became a popular place to enjoy a nice day with friends over a beer.

This is just one of the fascinating stories related in the World of Beer - the rest you'll just have to hear for yourselves...