The Stiegl barrel ageing cellar with coats of arms on the wall.

The World of Indulgence

Take your time to cast an appreciative glance at the tasting cellar, the barrel ageing cellar or the wort kettle.

Group of visitors choosing between bottles in the Stiegl tasting cellar.

The beer tasting cellar boasts a wide variety of international beer. Under the expert guidance of an accredited beer sommelier, visitors can sample beer from a selection of 8000 bottles with precious content, originating from a whole host of different countries.

Within the walls of the barrel-ageing cellar, in-house beer specialities are matured in whisky, cognac, sherry and oak barrels. Thus exquisite beers are produced which develop their own distinctive taste by coming in contact with the wood.

Stiegl beer glass in Stiegl’s beer tasting cellar.

The wort is raised to boiling point in the wort kettle. It consists of liquid malt sugar, protein, minerals and vitamins.

Embark on a Stiegl pleasure trip and immerse yourself in the World of Indulgence. Our Stiegl gourmet tour is a beer expedition where you get to know international as well as in-house beer specialities. Lots of new exciting flavours will most certainly tickle your taste buds – a true experience for all beer enthusiasts.