The brewhouse of our in-house brewery

In-house brewery | Everything that delights your nose and palate

After the multi-media beer experience in the Brewery Cinema, the flavours of the ingredients used for brewing beer can be perceived during the ‘Zwickeln’ procedure in the truest sense of the word (a sample of immature beer is taken from the barrel by a master brewer). The nose and palate get to know the flavours and particular tastes of a wide variety of grains, malt and hops. Additionally you learn the important role water and yeast play and how the ingredients affect the taste.

"Among beverages beer is the most useful, among medicines the tastiest and among food the most pleasant invention."

— Immanuel Kant, Philosopher

The in-house brewery perfectly exemplifies that beer brewing involves a great deal of creativity. Here you can take a peek behind the scenes while the master brewer produces one of his house beers. In the course of a year, exquisite beer varieties are created such as ‘Gipfelstürmer’ (spelt wheat beer) or Christmas the ‘Christkindl’ beer (contains honey).

The limited edition delicacies can only be tasted in our Brauwelt catering area and in selected restaurants. After having acquired background knowledge of beer brewing, you are well-prepared to discover further areas.