Stiegl Brauwelt brewing process employees.

‘Beer brewing techniques’ open day

You will learn how the cultural beverage beer is made, what happens during the brewing process, how barley malt is extracted, what the term original wort means and much more.

Stiegl Brew House in blue light.


10am – 10.15am  Welcome the guests in the shop by the master brewer
10.15am – 11am Basics of brewing
11am – 12noon VIP Tour of the Stiegl Brewery production plant
12noon - 12.30pm Aperitif in the tasting cellar
12.30pm  – 13.30pm 2-course lunch
13.30pm – 14pm Wort boiling and addition of hops
14pm - 15pm Guided tour through the Stiegl-Brauwelt
15pm - 15.30pm wort resting & zwickeln
15.30pm degree beer in the Stieglitz



Stiegl brewing process with a handful of hops.

Services included

  • Guided tour through the Stiegl Brauwelt
  • Beer tapas including one drink as an aperitif
  • Expert introduction into the art of brewing beer
  • Guided tour of the production plants
  • Beer tasting menu
Stiegl Brew House copper with display.


Price 110.00 EUR per person
Min. number of participants 10 people (max. 20 people)
Duration approx. 6 hours

You can obtain further information from our
sales team at or +43 50 1492-1492

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