A visit to remember!

Stiegl-Schnitzeljagd by Scavenger Escape

Have you ever thought about how exciting could be to investigate, searching for clues and uncovering mysteries as a real detective? 
Scavenger Escape and Stiegl is introducing their newest game the Stiegl Treasure Hunt where you have the chance to enter the Stiegl Brewery in Salzburg the way you have never visited a Museum before. 

In 1793 the Stiegl Brewery was owned by Master Brewer, Johann Elixhauser. He had one secret beer recipe that was never revealed. There are rumours that it has been hidden in the Stiegl Museum. Do you have what it takes to find the recipe and uncover the secrets dwelling in the Brewery? BOOK NOW

Stiegl-Treasure Hunt


Team size 2-6 players
Game duration 60-120 minutes
Price from € 66,00 per person

Included: One small beer at the Brauwelt-Gastronomy.