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For individual visitors

Tour without guide
Discover our museum on your own (optional with our audio guide in various languages) and enjoy our 270-degree experience cinema, our in-house brewery, and the Stiegl exhibit.

Services included

  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • The Stiegl-Brauwelt exhibition and in-house brewery
  • Commemorative present from the Brewery Shop

EUR 12.90 per person

circa 1 hour

General tour

Tour with guide
The tour beings in the museum, where everything about the history of the Stiegl Brewery is experienced interactively and adventurously. Then you will experience an amazing multi-visual adventure in the 270-degree Stiegl Brewery Cinema, after which the tour moves on to the home-grown raw ingredients in our in-house brewery. There, you can take a look over our shoulder at our creative brewing of our Stiegl house beers. The tour concludes with a visit to the production facilities. There, you will see the modern brewhouse and bottling facility, where you can look on as 90,000 bottles of Stiegl beer are filled each hour. During the tour, there are also three separate beer tastings.

Services included

  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • Guided tour through Stiegl-Brauwelt
  • Tour of the Stiegl Brewery production facilities
  • Beer tasting
  • Commemorative present from the Brewery Shop

Tour times
daily at 10:30 am,
1:00 pm,
and 3:30 pm

EUR 19.90 per person

circa 2 hours

Group Price
EUR 16.50 per person

circa 2 hours

You can book this tour exclusively for your group of 20 people or more.

Student program

Enjoy an informative and entertaining time at Stiegl-Brauwelt with your students! Aside from the classic tour, we have come up with something quite extraordinary for this special group program: the students can take a beer quiz after the tour and earn a special honor in the form of our “Bierkenner-Diplom” (Beer Connoisseur Diploma).

During the tour, you are “pampered” with a freshly drawn Stiegl beer or a non-alcoholic beverage. After the tour, you can put your beer knowledge to the test and earn your personal beer connoisseur diploma.

Services included

  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • Tour of the Stiegl Brewery production facilities
  • Tasting (1 glass of beer or 1 non-alcoholic drink)
  • Beer quiz + beer connoisseur diploma
  • Commemorative present from the Brewery Shop

For persons under 16, alcohol is strictly prohibited. Persons over 16 are only allowed to drink beer with the consent of the chaperon or accompanying person in charge.

EUR 11.50 per person

circa 2,5 hours

Eco-friendly travel with the ÖBB SCHULCARD.
Austrian schools and youth organizations travel by train using ÖBB in second class at a 60% discount (from 6 persons).
As our cooperating partners, school groups receive, in conjunction with the ÖBB Schulcard, a 10% discount on the entry fee.

Guided evening tour for groups

We invite you in from 5 pm on for a special kind of tour:
Experience Stiegl-Brauwelt and let your guide initiate you into brewery secrets and centuries of beer history. As a warm-up, a small Stiegl beer and an oven-fresh pretzel – both of which are included in the price – are offered as an aperitif.

Services included

  • A 0.3 l (10 oz.) welcome beer
  • An oven-fresh pretzel
  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • Guided tour through our Beer experience world museum

On request, we will happily reserve a seat for dinner in the Brauwelt gastronomic restaurant after the guided tour.

EUR 18.90 per person

circa 1.5 hours

Stiegl gourmet tour

The Stiegl gourmet tour is designed as a unique, unforgettable experience. Guests are told extraordinary stories about the cultural beverage and also become more intimately acquainted with the product while expanding their beer horizons by tasting exclusive, national, and international beers.

The Stiegl gourmet tour is aimed at all beer aficionados. No previous knowledge required! Each group will be approached individually. Interests and specializations in any beers or beer styles can be rendered in advance or decided shortly beforehand on location with the respective beer sommelier.

The gourmet tour begins with the greeting from our beer sommelier at an aperitif in Stieglitz. Following this is a short tour through the Stiegl Brewery Cinema and the in-house brewery, where the raw materials and the brewing process are given a closer look.
The high point of the tour is the visit to our tasting cellar where, under the beer sommelier’s skilled explanations, international beer specialties are tasted and paired with accompanying food.

Services included

  • 1 × 0.2 l (6.7 oz.) aperitif beer in Stieglitz
  • Tour with a beer sommelier through the in-house brewery and the tasting cellar
  • 2 × tasting beers from our own as well as national and international ranges
  • Food pairing with a craft beer

EUR 34.90

circa 2 hours

Booking schedule
bookable from Monday to Sunday
from 10 am to 7 pm

Minimum number of participants
8 persons
Maximum number of participants
18 persons

English tours on request.

Stiegl Treasure Hunt

The Stiegl Treasure Hunt by Scavenger Escape is a detective game in which the players search through the Stiegl Museum for the secret recipe of former master brewer Johann Elixhauser.

Can you imagine how exciting it would be to play detective and investigate, look for clues, and uncover secrets?
Scavenger Escape and Stiegl-Brauwelt present you with a new game: the Stiegl Treasure Hunt, where you have the opportunity to explore the Beer experience world in an unprecedented way! Experience a special kind of museum visit!

33,00 EUR pro Person (min. 2 person)

depends on group size

Services included

  • 1 × 0.3 l aperitif beer in the gastronomy

Minimum number of participants
Min 2 person
Max 6 person

In 1793, the brewery was owned by master brewer Johann Elixhauser. He kept a secret beer recipe far from the public eye. Rumor has it that the recipe can be found somewhere in the Stiegl Museum. Do you have what it takes to find the secret recipe and reveal the secrets bubbling beneath the surface of the brewery?

The Salzburg beer journey – a day trip in Salzburg

Bookable for 20 persons or more.
At the Salzburg Open-Air Museum, explore old farmhouses in Großgmain, marvel at the simple and diverse life of times past, and enjoy the charming natural landscapes at the foot of the legendary Untersberg. Ride the heritage railway as you set off on a pleasant journey through wide stretches of the 50-hectare (124-acre) museum area. Second on the program is a stop at Stiegl-Brauwelt.

Services included
per person at the Salzburg Open-Air Museum

  • Entry and tour through the Salzburg Open-Air Museum
  • Trip on the heritage railway

in the price per person at Stiegl-Brauwelt

  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • Tour of the Stiegl Brewery production facilities
  • Stiegl beer tasting
  • Commemorative present from the Stiegl Brewery Shop

EUR 26.70 per person

Full-day program

Booking schedule
Tuesday to Sunday
9 am to 6 pm
July/August daily
9 am to 6 pm

Minimum number of participants
20 person
Maximum number of participants
50 person

Open-Air Museum opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm,
in July & August daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Museum meets Beerculinary

Min. 10 person

Immerse yourself in the world of beer in our Stiegl-Museum.

During the tour you can taste some different Stiegl-beers with matching culinary snacks.

Services included

  • Tour through the Stiegl-Museum
  • Stiegl Brewery Cinema
  • production area
  • 4 Foodpairing-Stations with culinary snacks and beertastings

44,90 EUR per person

ca. 2, 5 hours

Booking Schedule
monday to sunday 11 am – 6.30 pm


Min 10 person
Max 20 person

English Tours on request.

Brewery- and Citytour

Do you want to explore the old town of Salzburg and enjoy a beer? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let a certified city-guide take you on a journey through Salzburg’s beer-history and experience the stunning baroque city up close.

Afterwards, the guide will accompany you to the Stiegl-Brauwelt, where our menu of hearty traditional dishes awaits you. After lunch, you will continue with a comprehensive tour of the museum and production facilities of the Stiegl Brewery, including a refreshing beer tasting. Feel free to end the day with a house beer at the brewery after the tour.

Services included

  • Tour through Salzbug-City with a certified city-guide
  • Busdrive to the Stieglbrewery
  • Tour through the Stiegl-Museum incl. 270° Cinema, House Brewery and production area
  • 3 beertastings (alt. without alcohol)

Not included: food and beverages in the Stiegl-Gastronomy

59,90 EUR per person

10 – 12 am Citytour
12.30 am Lunch
2.30 – 4.30 pm Brewerytour

Exclusive english tours on request (registration via email)

Bier und Stadtführung Salzburg

Max 30 person

Excluisve grouptours on request.

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